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Hooray, the masterpiece is finished - A GAME ROOM with "MUSEUM  CHARACTER" is complete.

Hauptstrasse 15, 3244 is the address.

This is available at an additional notice for TOURNAMENTS / EVENTS.

The possible program:

     PowerPoint presentation on " CULTURE & HISTORY Time  in PINBALL"
     Tour of Europe's largest Pinball museum
     Battle for the "RUSTY PINBALL"
     presentation ceremony

Music and snacks and good mood can be taken care of.

1. Bally Hoo, year 1932
pinball without paddles, Inspired by the tremendous success of a game called Baffle Ball and eager to secure his own share of the market at the beginning of the 1930s pinball craze, Ray Moloney purchased a game from two freelance designers, incorporated the name and appearance of a popular humor magazine, and produced one of the most successful games in pinball history Ballyhoo. To protect this creation, Moloney established Bally Manufacturing Corporation, a major pinball producer throughout the twentieth century, which made there final game in 1999. you control the balls destiny only by skill of the launch.
Design: Raymond T. Moloney

2. Globe Trotter by Gottlieb, year 1951
Million pinball without mechanical displays, lamp scor bord. Devices still with wooden frame.

Globe Trotter, 11/51,

1 kick-out hole,

2 reverse lower flippers,

2 normal upper flippers.

Roy Parker playfield and backglass woodrail pinball

Only 910 pcs Made
Type: Roy Parker
Design: Wayne Neyens

3. Contest by Gottlieb, year 1958
one of the first 4 Player Wood Rails,

1100 produced,

2 gobble holes,


4 flippers.

Replays only awarded based on score.

with a beautiful 4 piece mechanical scoreboard
Type: Roy Parker
Prod.Run: 1100 pcs

4. Slick Chic by Gottlieb, year 1963
New Playboard, new 2 times payment system, and it was necessary to complete the wide lettering S-L-I-C-K C-H-I-C-K and lots of Rollover Buttons - 1 Player WEDGE HEAD
Type: Roy Parke

 4550 produced,

1 gobble hole,

9 bumpers (5 pop bumpers, 4 static bumpers)

mechanical scoreboard in the center of the retro Bunny girls back glass

5. Bonanza Gottlieb, year 1964
2 player, AMERICAN WEST theme - a very popular pinball theme.

2640 produced,

"center bank" feature relays ball to top of playfield,

does NOT use metal "jeweled" posts.

Beautiful lit rollover or playfield light inserts

2 piece mechanical scorboard
ART: Roy Parker
Design: Wayne Neyens

6 Dodge City Gottlieb, year 1965

3175 produced,

4 player

4 piece mechanical scorboard

2 kick-out holes,

2 paddles

under-the-playfield roto-target ("roto-lights") that shines through playfield inserts,

mechanical backbox animation (dancing cowboy). animated device with ball lifter
Type: Roy Parker

7 Agogo Williams, Year 1966
4 players,

4 paddles,

a roulette wheal (Cap. ball spinner) as a special feature /

Williams Electronic Mfg. Co. (1958-1967), the A Go Go maker, released 118 different machines under this trade name,

starting in 1958.

Other machines made by Williams Electronic Mfg. Co. (1958-1967) during the time period A Go Go was produced include Full House, Top Hand, Big Strike, Big League, 8 Ball (1966), Double Play, Eager Beaver, Ski Club, Hollywood Driving Range,

and Pot 'O' Gold.

innovation. Art Theme: Dancin Happyness
Type: Jerry Kelley
Style: Standard Clark

8 Beat Time by Williams, Year 1967
2 player,

two 2" Flippers,

five Pop bumpers,

two Slingshots,

one Rotating targets with four targets (neat feature),

two Standup targets,

Left and right dual outlanes. Williams Beat Time took advantage of the musical group The Beatles, and used this unlicensed pinball, changin the name of the group to The Bootles. But clearly from the art they are representing The Beatles. There is also a reissue backglass of this game available with "The Beatles" on the glass instead of "The Bootles." The game itself is nothing to really look at, in fact it has the ugly pointy art and a rather sick green color. Game play is decent if you can get past the art work. But the Bootles/Beatles connection makes the game somewhat cool. They made 2,802 Williams Beat Time pinballs, .this 2 Player unit of Williams with even shorter flipper arms (60s) and with the Beatles on the back glass. For copyright reasons The Bootles was written in the green clock.

with an overand under machanical scorboard
Type: Jerry Kelley
Design: Steve Kordek