Pindigi - in short form

Flipper in English is called a PINBALLMACHINE and do you want to know why PINBALL? :

On a wooden board there are  nails  (PIN , s)

and then the ball rolled in between the pins ( BALL) ;-)

As Günter Freinberger is a pinball collector and Holding GmbH was known by his company DIGI Technologies GmbH, DIGI DIGI Real Hit Radio and he got quickly by collectors the collector name Pindigi awarded .

What you see here in the collection is an excerpt from the largest collection of electro-mechanical pinball Europe and therefore also the largest in Austria .

It must be said that Pindigi no emphasis on quantity of the collection but on QUALITY and UNIQUENESS - and because he wants to achieve world character.
Other large collectors are in Australia (Michael Shalhoub - Pinballmaster and author ) and in the United States genes Cunninghame and Tim Arnold .

Pindigi reached after 12 years of collecting, almost the 500 mark in Device numbers. There are all the important periods of time PINBALL and cultural history and technical innovations represented from 1932 to 200x, therefore > 75 years pinball history