Visit and you may be a member of the 1.Austrian pinball sports club



The best and most beautiful homes in the district of Melk and Scheibbs, as well as for Pindigis Basic Income!



The road to MISS K.T. - Pinkathis DJ and music site - still under construction




The ultimate, great PINBALL AUSTRIA side of Peter "Tschimmi" Schimek with lots of information (including technology) and photos of the act. Scene!! :-)



The HIGH-TECH electronics developer "in REGION" see for yourself




HIGH TECH or SILICON VALLEY in Melk, top electronics development of laser measurement, flow measurement over to the LOW POWER miniature GPRS system, sensors and MY DATAWEB
www.krug-online.at The Austrian tournament page and more from PINDUKE


Here SOUND history is written.


www.kfz1.com The best used cars and tuning parts
www.dental1.at finally a TOP dental technicians in the region
www.prirschl.net IT and Internet Service (ISP)