For collectors :
I have many Flipper 2 times ( it happened through the collect and buy from whole collections )

- Especially EM Note : EM comes from electromechanical - these are the old with the counters we say BJ 1950-1976 !
Also of some SS ( solid state - . Electronically BJ 1977-1980 and the DMD devices BJ 1991-2000 ) I disconnect . It is best to ask my list is perfect. I have about 25 EM DOUBLE and about 20 SS and 40 DMD in my collection of 540 pinball.

For private - interested:
There are from me and or the easy to make toprestaurierte , tested Flipper to Buy for special occasions such as BIRTHDAYS and other events around someone a joy. Maybe I have the pinball with the appropriate topic for a fisherman or a music fan or a " year of birth " . Prices are 1500-3500 EUR . Simply inquire via email ...

Against consultation and appointment there guided tours of Europe's largest pinball collection if required :

PowerPoint Lecture - 70 years pinball history / design / know-how
Video lecture Pindigi
Sample games on pinball machines from 1932 to 2007
TOURNAMENT with cups , snacks & beverages

Repairs and appraisals

in collaboration with Digi RealPort Gmbh ELECTRONICS SERVICE and repairs are performed here in Ruprechtshofen practice is followed. Send inquiries to .