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OPEN DAYS at Pindigi!

Excerpt for one of the largest collection of nostalgic pinball machines in EUROPE
Experience Pinball and Jukebox history from 1932 to 2012 and the Beatles and Rock n Roll.
Currently: Duplicate devices are sold!

Timetable OPEN DAYS: each year in MAY (International Museumstag  and usually at begin of October ( ORF  Long night of Museen )  and sometimes before Christmas 1 or 2.Advent weekend
Send Email - for an separate INVITATION or a Special Termin !

Nearby attractions: just 7 KM-4.5miles from Schallaburg and 15 Km-9.5miles from Melk Abbey, and here in Ruprechtshofen you can also ride the new "Rail Cycle" through the beautiful Austrian countryside to Wieselburg an der Erlauf

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The 60 Beatles, pill and revolt

That was my favorite show at Schallaburg, in which also Pindigiland exhibits were there - please request one from the "70's" ;-)-Now !

Details about. Exhibitions can be found at Schallaburg website: